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The effectiveness of Phosphazid in the schemes антиворетровирусной therapy

Objective: to study the effectiveness of domestic antiviral preparation фосфазид (FAZT, никавир) in the schemes of first-line combination therapy of HIV-infection.

Methods: on the basis of the regional center for prevention and fight against AIDS Mr. Perm, Russia, in 2008-2009 carried out research on study of efficiency of фосфазида in the schemes of antiretroviral therapy of HIV infection. The study included 18 patients 19-39 years, 14 of them (78%) of women and 4 (22%) men with 3 (11%), 4A (50%), 4B (33%) and 4B (6%) stages of HIV infection (Pokrovsky V.I., 2001). In the course of 48 weeks of patients received one of the schemes of treatment according to national protocols for HIV infection in adultsх FAZT+3TC+EFV or FAZT+3TC+LPVVr. Phosphazid class NRTIТ of production of LLC AZT PHARMA K.B... - derivative fosfaurilirovannoe AZTа used per os in the form of tablets 0.4 g twice a day. ZTSС EFV, LPVVr are used in standard doses. The effectiveness of the treatment was assessed by clinicalм immunological and virological criteria prior to the appointment of treatment and through 4-12-24-36-48 weeks of therapy.

Results: application of the schemes, including Phosphazid, has led to a reduction in viral load by 1.5-2 Iog10, starting from the 4 weeks of treatment. In the next 48 weeks, this figure was < 500 copies/ml, which testifies to the virological efficacy of the drug. Prior to the commencement of treatment, the average level of CD4 lymphocytes was 155 x 106/l, with 4-12 weeks there was a tendency to increase the number of CD4 cells to 209-217 x 106/l, respectively. At week 24 of this indicator was statistically significant 298±34 x 106/l (p < 0,05), which indicates that the recovery of the immune status of patients. Clinical progression of HIV infection was not.

Conclusions: the therapeutic efficacy of фосфазида in the schemes of antiretroviral therapy, which allows to consider it as one of the most promising in the treatment of HIV infection.

Ivanova E.S., Shmagel' N.G., Vorob'ev, N.N., Hafiz K.M.
The regional center for prevention and control of AIDS and infectious diseases, Perm;
Perm state medical Wagner Academy.