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Medico-social characteristics of viral hepatitis B, C, D

Relevance. Today, the problem of viral hepatitis with parenteral mechanism of transmission remains relevant. This is due to the persistence of a rather high level of morbidity 2.7 and 2,24 per 100 thousand population for acute viral hepatitis b and C соответственна; has a place a high risk of chronic data infections. In the Kemerovo region occupies the first place on the level of incidence of acute viral hepatitis 3 (10,66 on 100 thousand population) and the second - acute viral hepatitis C (4,81 on 100 thousand population). Among other reasons, the relevance of these diseases can be considered as the spread of the disease among the young population, difficulties in its treatment and prevention.

Materials and methods. In the course of the research was the analysis of 508 cases of hospitalization, viral hepatitis b, C, D in the MUSES ГИКБ N g. Kemerovo, occurred in 2009. Estimated gender, age, social status of cases, the period of hospitalization, the spectrum of the main and concomitant pathology.|

The results of the study. Was determined following the age-sex structure: a group of male persons amounted to 63,4 ± of 2.1% (p < 0.001), female - 36,6 of 2.1% (p < 0.001), the most numerous is the group of patients in the age from 21 to 29 years (39,8 ± of 4.7% (p < 0.001 Among the studied contingent dominated the employed persons, the second place - broken 57,9 ± Fedora core 2.I (p < 0.001) and 37,0 ± 5,2% (p < 0.001), respectively. Most of the patients were hospitalized, through outpatient clinics 44,3 ± 2,2% (p < 0.001). Most of the sought medical help after more than 24 hours from the onset of the disease 73,7 ± 2,4 (p < 0.01). The length of stay were the following: 23.1% of cases the duration of hospitalization was 6-10 days, in 16,5% - from 11 up to 15 days, 18.1% of teas from 16 to 20 days. The majority of patients 81,7 of 1.7% (p < 0.001) filed with the improvement. Found the possession of chronic forms of the infection, most often to 66.3 I? 4,4% of cases (p < 0.001) was diagnosed with chronic viral hepatitis C. Among сопутствую pathology prevailed diseases of the gastrointestinal tract 25,3 ± 2,2% (p < 0.001).

Conclusion. Thus, among the cases of viral hepatitis is dominated by persons of working age, more often male. Has the place of the later use of curative medical services, often patients treated in outpatient institutions network. Often such chronic viral hepatitis C. Length of stay varies in the range of 6-8 days. Its outcome is most often positive.

Ivoylova O.V.
Kemerovo state medical Academy