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The use of Nikavir in the prevention of vertical path of transmission of HIV infection

The aim of this study was to examine the effectiveness and safety of никавира schemes of highly active antiretroviral therapy AART) during the perinatal prophylaxis (CP) of HIV-infection.

Materials and methods: in 2007-2008. It was surveyed 96 pregnant at the age of 19-38 years and 100 children (two twins), are born of them. The first group (66 pers.) received никавир (production of OOO «AZT PHARMA K.B..») with эпивиром in conjunction with калетрой; the second group (30 pers.) - Combivir and Kaletra. The criteria for the appointment of CP were the presence of women HIV-infection, the level of HIV RNA>1,000 of the COP/ml, the period of pregnancy 19-28 weeks. The effectiveness of the CP was estimated by the absence of signs of progression of HIV infection, the reduction of viral load, the number of children born without HIV DNA in blood, security - by the absence of toxic effects.

Results: in all of the surveyed clinical signs of progression of HIV infection were absent, the level of viral load to childbirth was<500 COP/ml, gepatotoksicskie effects are not observed. In the application of schemes Combivir+Kaletra revealed significant (p<0.05) reduction in the number of red blood cells starting with 4 weeks of use of HAART before the birth, when pneumonia is the scheme № 1 (with Nikavir) these changes were not observed.

Conclusions: both HAART when conducting CP safe and effective. The obtained results allow to recommend the CP with the use of Никавира in pregnant women with anemia.


«BCC AIDS and OF», GOU VPO PGM Wagner Academy, Perm, Russia