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Pharmaceutical Production

Company "AZT Pharma K.B." currently provides 83 subjects of the Russian Federation drugs Nikavir® and Thymazid® in the framework of the priority national program "Health". The design capacity of the pharmaceutical production company is able to fully meet the need of all healthcare institutions and AIDS centers of the Russian Federation the basic produced its domestic drugs against HIV even in the case of a 3-fold increase in their needs.

The total production area of the company is 1200 sq. m., compared with giant global manufacturers, this is an extremely small area, but our production today is a Playground, укомплектовання the latest technology, purchased new technological equipment, laboratories are equipped with control and analytical equipment of the last generation.

The plant implemented the system of quality assurance and quality control GMP. In the structure of the service quality consists own testing and chemical laboratories. All raw materials, as well as the parameters of all the stages of the production process are subject to strict control.

Currently the band formed in new product development, which has at its disposal all necessary equipment for conducting of works on studying and development of various лекартсвенных forms, equipment for studying the stability including accelerated storage. Designed and manufactured samples of experimentally industrial equipment with individual systems for loading and unloading. Specialization group - твердные dosage forms, in particular, coated tablets and capsules.

Released the finished products before going to the implementation of the stage of the quarantine storage and control of the state testing centres quality, confirmed by the corresponding quality passports, certificates and declarations of conformity.

All the processes are automated, the risk of human error is reduced to a minimum, thanks to the work of the service quality. All our specialists have higher education and motivated for high quality output. Including work for us candidates of chemical and pharmaceutical Sciences, and experience some of the staff in pharmaceutical industry, up to 35 years.

Infrastructure of the enterprise corresponds to the European standards organization pharmaceutical industries. Are used in the production of «clean» and controlled premises. Developed, manufactured and installed drainage system of air, the movement of raw materials, intermediates and finished products, is well understood and planned.

Specialists of the company are constantly training to improve the skills and participate in public forums and exhibitions.

Thus, company "AZT Pharma K.B." today is a highly organized enterprise, providing their patients worthy drugs.