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Quality policy

The company «AZT Pharma K.B..» was founded as a manufacturer of antiviral drugs and traces its history back to 1992.

Today it is the only producer of the original Russian product Никавир z for the treatment of HIV infection. This and other antiretroviral generic medicinal products, the company produces in the framework of the priority of the presidential program of health.

The development strategy of the company is production and development of original products, the effect of which, directed on struggle against a HIV-infection, as well as the reduction in the number of side effects, in the developed products, in comparison with other preparations for the treatment and prevention of HIV-infection.

The goal of the company AZT Pharma K.B.. - the development of new drugs, as well as maintain the confidence and ability to deliver products and services that meet the expectations of consumers.
The main task, we see the creation of effective and safe medicines.

Our motto is : «From development to implementation,» briefly formulated the main principles of our activity, aimed at the permanent improvement of the quality of products and provision of (people) of the patient effective medicines. For this, we organized a group of new product development, which consists of highly qualified specialists and is working on the creation of new products and technologies, for these purposes, we have equipped the group of the latest analytical and test equipment. 

The enterprise has a quality system that meets modern requirements specified in GOST R 52249-2009.
To realize these objectives and to achieve the objectives «of AZT Pharma K.B.» carries out:

·          development and introduction of new production technologies and packaging materials for efficient storage and increase the shelf life of products;

·         constant development and improvement of the quality management system on the basis of the requirements of GOST R ISO 9001-2008 and the rules of GMP, as reflected in the GOST R 52249-2009 and local requirements GMP enterprises - partners;

·         permanent work group of experienced mentors for the transfer of experience to young specialists;

·         development and approval of the precise duties of the employees of all levels, for the development of their responsibility for the quality of manufactured products, starting with the managers of the enterprise and its divisions and ending with the immediate perpetrators of the production process;

·          performance of production processes in accordance with the external and internal regulatory documents;

·         validation and revalidation of technological processes and methods of quality control of medicines;

·         permanent improvement of the automated and computer production systems;

·         compliance with sanitary and hygienic requirements to pharmaceutical production perfection of methods of control of sanitation and hygiene;

·         constant interaction with training institutions for training specialists in the production of drugs;

Responsibility for the quality of the management is responsible and all the personnel of LLC «AZT Pharma K.B.». The company fulfills its obligations on observance of the policy in the field of quality and to provide the necessary resources for its implementation, as well as the effective functioning of the quality management system.